how to cover chemistry in last 30 days 95 ले आओंगे

       How To Cover Chemistry In Last 30 Days

Welcome guys to our blog. In this blog we will talk about the one of the most problemetic subject i.e. chemistry to know about how to cover chemistry in last 30 days.In this blog i will give you not only tips but also some study material thats also helps you very much.We will also talk about organic chemistry.So, let's start.

how to cover chemistry in last 30 days 95

 Fisrt we will talk about physical chemistry means first four chapters. So, as first four chapters are famous for their definations,difference between questions and mainly for numericals. So, how will we know about in which topics we will have to solve numericals,difference questions ? For that i give a pdf in which i wrote all the important topics for defination & difference questions as well as for the numerical questions. So, try to solve atleast 2-3 numericals on each topics.

When ever i have written all chapters important questions in the above questions You can check according to your need.

Now, we will talk about some important things that we should keep remainder in our mind:
The most of problems comes in chemistry because we don't know how to start a particular chapter when we try to study chemistry we had not able to start a chapter it happens because we doen,t know the basics of the chapter. For that i give you a channel name i.e "keep educating yourself" from there you can know the basics of all the chapters of chemistry.

Second is the fact about chemistry that it is subject of mugging
( रटने वाला ) . You have to mug some things in chemistry that are not understandable. Simple tricks of mugging is that it on minimum 2 to3 times.

Third is that chemistry is a easy subject if you give it time and regularity But if you ignore it then it becomes the hardest subject especially organic part.

So, let we talk about organic part that how to cover organic part. If you have any doubts in chapters you can understand trough any youtube channel or otherwise i have already told you about the channel. Apart from that i also give you notes of organic chemistry by which you can cover your all organics part fast like nomenclatures,coversions, preperation etc. So, in this ways your organic will also complete fast.

Now , after all of that your basics are almost ready then you have to go on three thingd that i always told you in my blogs i.e solve tens years. Now questions arises in your mind it may takes times? So don't worry students it doesn't take time too much. you had already clear your basics now you to only revise ten years or you can say that you will know how questions arises in boards.After that you have to solve minimum 5 previous papers.In previous years paper you only got some new questions if knows their answer then it will ok but if you not know you can find it on google.As solutions of previous years board paper are uploaded and finally you have to solve two papers in a board way means in a particular time duration so that you know about paper in which section should you give more time or less.

If you do these things you will definately get more marks and don,t worry it looks like a lot's of burden but really students it is less.If you give it time it becomes easy for you and try to devotee particular time duration according to chapters. 

I hope your all doubts are clear If you have any doubts you can comment me in the comment box.

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So, Keep happy , keep unstoppable.

I will meet you in next blog.

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Jai Hind 

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