How to get 95% in maths class 12 in 30 days

   How to get 95% in maths class 12 in 30 days

Hii guys today in this blog i will give you some tips related to class 12 maths. So,that you can finish your whole syllabus in last 30 days & 95% in maths easily.

How to get 95% in maths class 12 in 30 days
In this blog i will also give you a documents of important questions that helps you very much. so,lets start.

Tip1 : First you have to cover your ncert for that i will give a document.On that document all important questions of ncert are already have to solve each question of the document
and try to solve that way that their answer you also remember.
link :

Tip2 : Again solve ncert. You think why i said this😅? I said this because when we learn something in first time it will not totally save in our mind.So, when we solve it second time then all questions are stored in our mind & we easily do that questions when it comes to board.( Practise makes a man perfect )

Tip3 :  After doing upper two,lets solve ten years book questions thats give you confidence and perfection.
ten years may be any book but don't opt reference such as rd sharma because there have lots of questions which is out of syllabus from board.

Tip4 : After that solve five years board question paper. Don't think it will take so much time. No, it will done in less time because you already done  ncert & ten years.

Tip5 : Try to attempt at least two previous questions paper in such a way that you will give in boards. like do this in a table and a practicular time duration( 2:30 hours max ).This helps you to solve paper in less time & very confidently.During this don't try to go anywhere take it as a real board exam.

I hope your all doubts related to this is clear. Hope you like this blog.

For any doubts you can comment me in a comment box.

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