how to study for class 12 physics in last 30 days

How To Study for Class 12 Physics

In Last 30 Days

As class 12 exam date come very close and physics which is one the most toughest exam in science & fear of physics is also rises. But don't worry in this blog i will clear all your doubts regarding how to study for class 12 physics in last 30 days. 

how to study for class 12 physics in last 30 days,last 30 days strategy for physics

In this blog i will tell you 5 tips regarding this if you follows that tips then you will definately got 65 plus out of 70. So, lets start.

Before starting that we must know about the physics exam is divided into two parts :

(i) theoritical part  =  55 marks

(ii) numerical part  = 15 marks

In which theoritical part itself conatins three parts derivations , definations & reasoning.

Nows Lets start 

#1. Derivations & Definations : First we have to cover the derivations & defination part fast. Then question arises in your mind that how to cover fast. So, dont worry students i will give you notes of all chapters of physics. If you already have a notes then you don't need this and if you don't have this you can download this in the given link below where you get complete playlist but after reading this complete blog..

  So, it helps you to cover fast you defination and derivation part. I also request you to all try to cover it two times so that you can cover it in more better way.

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# 2. Reasoning : The main problem in reasoning part is that from where we will cover reasoning part ? So, you can cover some reasoning part from my notes and apart from that you can cover it through ten years ( 1,2,3 markers questions ). Reasoning questions is easiest part because it related to theory. So,when you cover  definations & derivations try to read sicerely & conceptually.

Now, note that if you will focus only in two tips still you will score 50 plus marks. it means greater than half of the exam weightage.

So, focus on these two part sincerely.

#3. Numericals : Finally numrical one of the most problematic part of physics. We know about that numerical part is only of 15 marks so, we do not need to take more tension about this and don't worry i don't mean that 15 marks is not important my mean is that we should do that questions which is important in board way understand. So, first we should cover numericals from ten years 5 marks marks questions because it contains deriavtions, reasoning & that questions which is formula based if you know formula then you can do that by simple calculation. After that when you complete that questions then you can go for 3 marker numericals questions if you want or you can do other way which we tell later in this blog.

#4. Previous years : After all of that you have solve at leat five previous years questions if you stick in some questions you can go through their answer which you get from net.

#5. Two Board Way Paper : Last but not least solve at least two paper in a board way. In which one paper is that which you had already solved it is because through which you can know about the timing in which section should you give more time or not. 

Second paper is that which you have not solved or not seen. Through which you get confidence & a strength to defend physics paper.

Note : Solve Each questions because you supposed to be in board exam. after that check it by youself as a teacher and clarify the mistake that you had done.

If you do these thing you will definately get 65 plus marks without any fear.

I hope your all doubts are clear If you have any doubts you can comment me in the comment box.

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You can aslo watch it on youtube : 

So, Keep happy , keep unstoppable.

I will meet you in next blog.

Jai Hind

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