how to cover class 12 mathematics in last time

     How To Cover Mathematics In Last Time

How to cover mathematics for class 12 boards : As class 12th boards date comes very close. So, we all become very scared from that and if we talk about mathematics it is second most toughest subject of science after physics. But in this blog i will give you some tips that really helps you to score very well in mathematics.

Tip1 : First solve your ncert all chapters because it is core of board exams & try to solve it atleast two times so that you got confidence and perfection.

Tip2 : During solving ncert try to solve those chapters first which has greater weightage such as calculus part its weightage is 44 marks ( nearly half weightage ). So,thats helps to cover your syllabus fast.

Tip3 : After solving ncert try to solve other questions from ten years or any other books related to this. But Solve that questions only which follows ncert.

Tip4: Last but not least try to attempt at least five previous years questions paper in a particular time durations that helps you in board exam to finish complete paper in less time.
how to cover class 12 mathematics in last time

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So, Guys if you do this same procedure you will definately get more marks in your mathematics exam & you will attempt exam without any fear. 

Hope you will learn someting from this if you have any doubts regarding any thing you can leave your comment in comment box i will give your reply instant.

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