Best Part Time Jobs For Students 1 लाख रूपए तक महीना Best Part Time Business For Students

          Best Part Time Jobs For Students 1 लाख रूपए तक महीना

Hello guys welcome to our articles. In this article we will talk about a very important topics i.e. best part time jobs for students during school and college.

Best Part Time Jobs For Students,Best Part Time business For Students

Generally guys we are totally dependent in our parents and i hope you are a student of school like from class 11 or class 12 and a college student means we are at the age of 16 plus and we are not earning right now and may be you think it is general because your mates and neighbours are also not earning but did you know in foreign countries the students of our same age are earning money even more than a government employee.But in india most of the persons of 25+ age depend on their parents for money.Guys study is good but only study is not good especially for college students they waste their 3 or 4 years without earning a single amount of money and not only money they spoils their college on girl friends,boy friends and narcotics things. So, don't do this even i make a article on which thing should you do and do not in your college life you must also read this.

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Why should you do part time job?

The simple answer is to pay your college or school fee and for your daily usage and become an independent and also you don't need to go outside the home and give your full time on this as this is part time job from home for students.

Best Part Time Jobs For Student or best paying part time jobs for college students

Now, we talk about best part time jobs from homes for students or best part time business for students

1.Form Filling: you can fill the form of the students online who are not able to fill the form or you can book tickets for trains,bus etc at your home and can make your money.

2.Tutions : you can give tutions to your juniors like if you are any class you can give tutions to lower classes from that you can earn money.

3.Blogging : you can write article at your home if you are interested or passionate about writing and can make money through google adsence.

4.Youtube : You can also make your video according to your niche and upload it on youtube and can make money through google adsence.

5.Free Lancing : You can also do work like graphic designing,content writhing,video upload,photoshop etc at and earn money through it according to your skills.

6.Classes : You can also do some classes like singing,music,dancing according to your passion at your home.

7.Tiktok : tiktok is also fast growing application of this years.If you have a passion of any type of creativity you can make a short video and upload it on tiktok where you can earn money through live chats and sponserships.

8.Drop shipping : you can also sell items from any ecommerce site. You just have to make your account and sell your items.

9.Follwers : You can also earn money through sponserships and advertisement if you make your large following on social media platforms like instagram,facebook and twitter etc.

10.Stock photography : you can also earm meny through selling photographs you just have to click a  high quality and creative photo and upload it on or if your images sell then you can get some percentage of money.So,you can also do this if you have a passion on photography.

So, these are the 10 ways from that you can earn money at home or best part time jobs at home and guys one thing here can earn money according to your hardwork even many persons earn lakh of rupees from this so this whole depend on your hard work.

I hope your all doubts are clear If you have any doubts you can comment me in the comment box.

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So, Keep happy , keep unstoppable.

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Jai Hind

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