How To Attempt Paper In Board Exam 2-5% Increment Best Tip For Present Answer Sheet

           How To Attempt Paper In Board Exam

Welcome guys in this we are going to talk about how to attempt paper in board exam either from class 10 or class 12.

So,it is important for the classes sudent in this article i will give you some tips.If you applied that tips you will definately icrease you marks upto 2-5% in board exams.

how to attempt paper in board exam

Tip to present answer sheet in board exam

1. First tip is that you have solve the question paper serial wise means section wise either you can start from 'ABC' or 'BAC' or 'CBA'. It means that if you choose any section then you have to completely solve it. Do not solve in this way like if you choose section A then you do its 1st question and then you are going to solving Section C and so on it is because it becomes harder for teacher to check and note its marks on marking scheme sheet.So,try to solve paper section wise or serial wise.
Now,question arises from which section should we start? It depends on you and subjects. If you had already practise a question paper in any section wise then you should do on that way becuase it is best for you. But if you had not practised ever then usually you should solve on decreasing order means  section "CBA". it is because if you do higher questions marks first then it becomes easier to solve low marker question in less time.But in case of english the section C which is literature part is easy to solve at last time so, in this types of subject like hindi or english try to solve in section "BAC","ABC".

2.When your paper starts first make a vertical line or column at the left most side of the paper so that your questions and answers easily visible and after each question make a horizontal line so that your each questions are also easily visible and most important thing is that make this horizontal line after you completely finish your paper.It is because solving complete paper is more important than scaling but scaling is also important for making a good impression on examiner.

3.Before a day form exam try to solve at least one paper.So,that you can finish your paper on 15 minutes before.It has a lot of advantage because at last 15 minutes you have to do two things revising and scaling. But do not revise your paper after every question first solve your complete paper then revise it.

4.Before Few days from exam let go trough the previous years topper answer can easily get it from google and see that in which way they get more marks especially in english or hindi like letter ,notice and any type of formatting.

5.If you know some appropriate keyword or line which you like to show the examiner so you can make a underline for that. but if you don't know any appropriate keyword for that particular answer  then do make make underline because it goes bad impression on examiner.So, make sure you should choose right keyword for that.

Now we talk about some important things like

Is hand writing matter in board exam

No, hand writing doesn't matter on baord exam.If your writing is good then it doesn't mean you get more marks but it should make a good impact on examiner and it is easier to check your copy fastly and smoothly. But if your writing is not understandable then it goes wrong obviously.So, first try to make good writing if not then try to make atlest understandable writing.

Is length matter in board exam

No,length doesn't matter more even it is not safer to write on more length it is because first it takes time and secondly chances of error occuring more. So, do only its mention in the question like it is mention in 120 words then do it only in 120 words.

How should we revise question paper

After solving the complete paper first revise the number of question you are done or not. it is because sometimes we finished paper and we were revising the complete answer and let suppose the time gets over then after the end of the exam you know about that you should missed a question which you can do in previous 10 minutes then it getting so offened. So, first make sure had you done complete questions or not.

So this is today's article I hope your all doubts are clear If you have any doubts you can comment me in the comment box.

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So, Keep happy , keep unstoppable.

I will meet you in next article.

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