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           How To Become A Topper Of College

Welcome Guys in this article we are going to talk about how to become the topper of the college in easy steps.But before starting this you must about which thing should you do or not do in your college life. I have already uploaded an article on them.

If you want to read that article tap below:

It is very simple to become a topper of college. Don't worry if you are a average student or below average student you have to just follow these simple steps which are as follows :

1.Attend your all classes of whatever subject is because it helps you not only in topic clarification but also in attendence record. As every college give some marks on the basis of attendence record. So you have to complete your attendence and If you come regular in college it also makes a good impression on teacher.

2.Try to understand what teacher taught in the classes and makes a proper notes for  that. make sure each subject has a seperate copy do not mugged up all subjects work in a single copy.

3.Revise all the things which you had written on your college note book and from other supplement books. After revision and modification you can write it to your notes. So that you can revise it easily on the last time.

4.Submit your all assignment of the particular subject on a proper date of submission it is because after the exteded dates some marks are deducted as per the creteria of many colleges.try to finish the assignment after the given date.

5.Try to ask your doubts to the teachers it is because teachers thinks that you are interested in whatever they taught you in class.

6.Do not make you your bad impact on teacher it is because a college teacher has a lot of power and also marks of college is in their hands.

7.Last but not least purchase a ten years solved of you subject and try to finish it before exam start date. It helps you in which types questions generally asks.

If you do these simple steps then you definately become the topper of the college and during this you did not totally engaged in your studies do other activities and sports too.

I hope your all doubts are clear If you have any doubts you can comment me in the comment box.

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So, Keep happy , keep unstoppable.

I will meet you in next blog.

Jai Hind

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