How To Overcome From Exam Fear

      How To Overcome From Exam Fear

How to overcome from exam fear,tips to reduce exam anxiety,exam motivation,study motivational,

Welcome guys in this article we will talk about how to overcome from exam fear . As guys board exams comes near or any type of exam such as Jee mains,Neet and any type of competitive exams the exam fear will automtically come. Now in this article your all doubts realted to :

1. what is fear or exam fear?
2. Is it Good or Bad?
3. Disadvantages of fear
4. Tips to reduce fear?
5. Conclusion

How To Overcome From Exam Fear

So, now we talk one by one about above topics so that you can learn about it from scratch.So lets get start

what is fear or exam fear?

Fear is nothing it just a excess love or importance about anything.It can we anythins a object,a person or a animal etc. let suppose you love the object very much then there must be a fear in your mind towards it that what would happen if it broken So such type of stuffs comes in our mind and that is natural.So, same thing comes in exam we have more expectations from it then fear comes and this fear become more fear when it is clear that our aim is going to be impossible.So, when you give excess important to anything there must be a fear.

Is it Good or Bad

Everything is good or bad it depends on us in what way we will take it. Like fear is good in respect of teachers or elders .If there is no fear then we will not respect their. But in terms of exam excess fear it will be wrong or one thing fear is not bad but excess fear is bad and it happens with everything if everything becomes excess it gone definately wrong.

Disadvantages of fear

There are lots of disadvantages of excess exam fear that are as follows:

1. You are not able to do anything more which you wants

2. You may also caught in depression or anxiety and sometimes it may goes extremely wrong.

3. You may took wrong decsions.

4. You will loose memory power.

5. You will started lie from your parents etc.

So,these types of problems you will face due to excess of fear.

Tips to reduce fear?

You reduce fear in such ways that are as follows:

1. First do not give more importance to anything like exam there are so many examples who have failed but still they are success.

2. Spend you time with your friends,families and childrens.

3. Do not watch and listen the emotional videos or song.

4. Try to play any sports which you loves.

5. Do not compress or bound you in a room.

6. Share with your problem to your parents immediately so that your problem reduces.

In these way you reduce your fear and you will definately overcome from your fear.


Finally guys i want to say fear is okay but excess fear is not good and life is very important so do not waste it in these type of wrong things just enjoy it and live it happily. 

I hope you loved this article If you have any doubts you can comment me in the comment box.

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So, Keep happy , keep unstoppable.

I will meet you in next article.

How to overcome from exam fear,tips to reduce exam anxiety,exam motivation,study motivational,

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