How To Stay Focused on Studies

           How To Stay Focused on Studies 

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Welcome guys to our article in this article we will talk about how to stay focussed on studies and avoid distractions and any type of stuffs that resist you from studies.But in this video we are going to talking about some scientifically proven tips that are really helps you.So, let get started.

How To Stay Focused on Studies

1. Intention : As you know our human nature why we do work because of some intention like if a person does job then he does it because of money. If we tell him that he got no money for his work then does he work or not? obviously no.So, just like this you have to study because of marks that's simple.So, firstly this intention should be clear in your mind.

2. Dedication : Guys it is simple to make an intention because everyone want to get marks,But to sustain that intention you must have some dedication.If your dedication are not proper then you will not be able to do anything or to focus on studies.So, your dedication is an important factor to maintain your concentration.

3. Alone : Guys always try to study on that place where has silence because in lots of cases our mind are unable to make proper concentration on a noise place and it is natural like if if childrens are playing shouting then how can you make concentration so try to study at alone.  But if your mind doesn't affect by this then that is well  and godd so you acn study there. But try to study at silence place because a silence place is better then the noise place.

4. Timing : In our mind a questions generally comes out that in which time we have to study morning or night. Scientifically morning time is best for studies because in morning your mind is totally fresh so you can catch or grab the things easily.But it is totally depends upon you if you like to study at night you catch more at night the morning then you can study at night or vice-versa.

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5. Mentoring : Guys this is most important point that whenever you go to study try to assume that you are a teacher and mentor you by yourself.By this you can easily learn more things in better way because a teacher always try to taught student everything and in a better manner and take his responsibilty to cover the syllabus in time. So when you are going to study try to take all the responsibilities as like teacher.

6. Avoid Mobile Phones : Mobile phone is big factor that distract your mind  as well as your concentration also. So always try to avoid mobile phones from you.If you need this only then you can use this like if you need to watch some topics on youtube then you can watch it and after that keep it away from you if your work is done. It is because if you keep it near you and your net is one then your mind is definately distract in facebook,whatsapp,calls etc..So try to avoid it as much as you can.

7. Refreshment : Refreshment is also an important thing because if you study regularly then a burden comes in your mind and sometimes you are getting boared. so, keep your mind refreash in every 2 hours by taking tea,coffee,snacks and by walking but do not go to play because if you engaged in playing then your mind is totally emerged there and then you can't be able to concentrate your mind on studies.You can also do refreshment by listening music but there is problem in music that you have not listen music like rock,hip hop type because it will divert your mind from studies try to listen peacefully songs that will also increase your concentration power.

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8. Dreams : Guys whenever you are going to sleep then must remind your dreams one time and think that had you done your max to max for this. If you done then is good but if you not done then do more hardwork or that tomorrow.It will always motivate you to do your work.

So these are the tips that are really helps to increase your concentration power and you will definately got result which you want.

I hope your all doubts are clear If you have any doubts you can comment me in the comment box.

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So, Keep happy , keep unstoppable.

I will meet you in next article.

Jai Hind

how to stay focussed on studies,how to stay focus while studying,how to concentrate on studies,

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