My First Day At College

                 My First Day At College

My first day at college,my first day college experience,lessons that i learn in college,

Firstly guys i want to tell my backstory before joining the college. When i was in my class 12 my dream is to take admission in DU college as there is a great hype of DU around me and lot of examples of big celebreties like shahrukh khan,Amitabh bacchan,Rajkumar rao etc. that are also passed out from there.According to i also thinks that if i studied from there than i will be also become like those. So, this is a funny case of my life but this is not the only reason i have other reson too because i didn' have an interest in engineering and other stuffs but i want to take computer science also so this is one of the main reason that also compel me to take admission.

My First Day At College

Finally when i take admission then i am very excited to go to college i have lot of thing in my mind that :

1. what was the behaviour of students?

2. Is ragging happens in college?

3. What was the atmosphere of the college as i came from village school and i have no knowledge about high authority school and colleges?

So, these types of things that was coming in my mind
but my all perceptions and fear got wrong everything occurs to be good and asusual. So, we will be talk about it later because this article goes soo lengthy if i explain that.So, now i directly tells you my first day college incidents which are as follows:

1. Firstly it is too scary when i see teachers they are teaching us on english still i knows english but it is unexpected experience for me.

2. The first period is getting so long it is around 1 hour and for me it seems to be one month.

3. There was a big incident happens with me. In the seat of college there are 4-5 students can be sit and in the bench where i sit just along the same bench two students are discuss about some topics and i just listen what they said as i have no friends from my area and school. After the class over i just try to talk with them and you can't believe i am in 2nd semester now and we are still best friends.

4. On first day of college i was also scolded my HOD of CS due to some mistakes in registering my form as i was hesigate to ask.

5. Before i was thinking i was best in studies but after college i thinks i was worst in studies.

6. First time i feel very discomfort on college and first days it passed so boaring.

So, these types of things that was occured with me i also write another article about my college life still you can also read college interesting articles.

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Thank you for read this article.

Jai Hind

My first day at college,my first day college experience,lessons that i learn in college,

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