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            Read This Before Board Exams 

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Welcome guys to our article in this article we will talk about one more important topic that is related to board exam which is happening with every board students.So, if you are also a board student then read this complete article which is very helpful for you. So, read this complete article.

Read This Before Board Exams

As we know that our exams comes near day by day and the time seems to be going very suddenly.When we were in the class 11th we thought don't worry we have class 12 we will do do best performance in class 12.But when we will come in class 12 we again thought don't worry we have 12 months that is sufficient for cover complete syllabus. But now when we think about our current situation it is very difficult to think about our dreams that we have expected because it seems to be impossible.

Now i want to ask you a questions just ask this question to yourself had you done your 100% effort for achieving your goal. If you have done this then why you need to be worry but if you had not done this then you expect these dreams i did not persuaded that making dreams is a wrong thing.No,it is not wrong but making those dreams along with your struggle. You know you know claps are not produce sounds without two hands in similar way dreams are not possible without struggle or hardwork.

Some student says that we are not able to concentrate on studies that why we had not done study so far. So,answer me one questions which one wants to study everybody has a goal to score marks that's why they are study. You can also take a example of your parents did your parents wanted to engage in job? it is simple no but they do that because of money by the way they have to submit your fees and your monthly expenditure too.So, everyboady has a intention that's why they do their work.

So, you have to do hardwork you can't get rid from hardwork.if you had not done it in previous year you will do it in this time otherwise you will do it one day before the exam. So, hardwork is basic structure of anything thing.

You also have to go faster in this era. The time was left where the slogan slow and study wins the race was true but today it is not true. Today fast and study well wins the race is true.So you have to move faster earlier the turtle was win in the race of rabbit and turtle but today rabbit will win. It is because competetion is increasing in the market if you get slows down somebody will definately beats you.So, become fast with respect to time if you want to get succed.

Do you remember einstein's words "Time Is Relative" that is absolutely correct time is relative but it's totally depend on you like if you wake up early in the morning then whole time of the day passes slowly and if you wake late in the morning then the whole day passes emerges fast so, you can't able to do your more work that is actual fact.

So, make sure do not waste your time and use this in your studies to make you better from yesterday make a proper timetable for your studies you make your studies effectively and on proper time and as usual live in reality what you can do in this time you can't make or stole a mind which is very powerful or wise and you can not exceed from date of examination. You have only one thing to do you can just do hardwork to make you better from yesterday and you will definatley got some result.Don't get depreses or take any tension for marks and other stuffs it will automatically comes if you do the hardwork.

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Thank you for read this article.

Jai Hind

watch this before board exam,class 12,cbse class12,study motivational,

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