reality of board exam 60% is greater than 90%

        Reality Of Board Exam 60% > 90%

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Welcome Guys In this article we will talk about the reality of board exam that our school teachers teach us. Guys board exam is one the important part of our life and it is the end game of the school life.The purpose of this article is not to make you fell free from exam but to make you aware from the things which i don't know and we realise after the end of the board exam and every student realise the same.

reality of board exam

So,read this complete article if you want to get complete imformation related to this:

We will talk about the three prospectus that i leaned which are as follows:

1.Board exam is the easiest exam 

I Know you may think it is funny but it is a true reality board exam is the easiest exam of your life.Even you get more marks there.If anyone wanted to get pass in board exam you can easliy get passed with some effort.The checking pattern of the teacher is also lenient not like in our school.But in school the copy will check hard for your goodness it is because after that you will work hard and you don't get over confident.
But don't think if you will not do any hardwork whenver you will get marks no you should do some work hard.

2.If board passes good then life passes best

Guys this is one of the sentence that we always heard from our teachers or parents.They always tell us that once you clear the board, then life will be good. But Guys in reality it doesn't happen even after board life becomes more complicated.You will be auto pressaurised to earn money and will face lot of stuffs after boards.
Even real life is start after class 12 boards you will be suffered from lot of failures,strugglers,humilations.

But don't worry so much if you do hard work there then you will got success there.

3. Comparing us on the basis of numbers

This was the most worried thing ever that comparing any student on the basis of number. Guys always keep in mind board exam more marks doesn't means success but it is achievement of yours that always remainder your struggle.Especially relatives thought this type stuffs(not every relatives).So, don't think if you got less marks in boards then you are not able to do something big even the most successful people has less marks in boards.The A4 size result sheet doesn't indentity what is your success level so don't worry just do hard work.

I hope you will learn something from this article and your myths related to boards is clear. If you have any doubts you can comment me in the comment box.

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Jai Hind

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