what is happening inside the board exam,unknown truth about board exams,can we cheat inside the board exams

welcome guys to our new article in this article we will again talk about an interesting topic what is happpening inside the board exam.As you all are going to give board exam first time or may be second time so you all must know about it.In this article your all doubts will be cleared like:

1.what is happening inside the board exam
2.unknown truth about board exams
3.can we cheat inside the board exams


So, let'get started without any furthur delay.

      what is happening inside the board exam

There are lots of things that was happening in board exams so let me tell you all of that one by one:
1. In board exams any type extra equipments are not alloweded such as watch,papers expect admit card,hat,ring,mobiles etc. these are strictly prohibited but the terms and coniditions changed in each year so you should read out before your exam.Black pen are also not allowed in my centre but it is allowed in other centre so it depends on school.

2. Must take your admit card if your admit card are not there they will not allowed you to give exam at any case.It is happening with my friend that's why i am telling you.

3. Everything is very punctual if you coming late you will not allowed in the exam. The exam should start and end on the exact time which you see in the question paper or admit card.

4. Answer sheet will be submitted on the exact time when the time over and no extra time will be given to you at any cost whenever you have not bind the sheet.So, i suggest you bind your sheet as early as you can and stop writing when the time will over.

5. Listen all the instructions carefully that are told by the teachers so that you can not mistake in fill the answer sheet you can also ask the teachers if you have any doubts in filling the answer sheet and do not mistake because it may become risky for you.So, make sure you will answer sheet correctly.

6. The warning bell will be ring automatically in each hour and last 15 minutes from the exam.So, it is very helpful for you.

7. Teachers are very supportive if you have any doubts you can easily call them without any fear.Everything was happened in the favour of students so feel free during the examination and focus in your answer sheet.

        unknown truth about board exams

If you want to know the unknown truth of board exam so for that i have already made a seperate article on it you can read it out after reading this complete article by clicking below:

         can we cheat inside the board exams

This is a very interesting question that comes in every students mind not every but most is that can we really cheat inside the board exam.so in one word i can say "NO" and do not think these types of ideas in your mind.As i said earlier that teachers are very supportive and eveything is happened in student's favour but it doesn't mean that they do not scold you when you cheat. They first will give you warning and after that they will take your answer sheet for 30 minutes or more.SO, your whole paper goes wrong so do not focus on these types of stuffs that are not profitable.

So, hope your all doubts are cleared and now you can read 'unknown truth about board exams' by clicking the above link that was also very interesting and helpful too.

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So, Keep happy , keep unstoppable.

I will meet you in next article.

Jai Hind

what is happening inside the board exam,unknown truth about board exams,can we cheat inside the board exams

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