How To Live School Life Perfectly

         How To Live School Life Perfectly

how to live school life perfectly,Best school life learning,School life amazing lessons,

Welcome guys to our article in this article we will again talking about an interesting topic i.e how to live school life pefectly or my important lessons that i learn from my school teachers and my experience also.So, read the complete article hope you will definately learn from this article.So, lets get started.

How To Live School Life Perfectly,Best school life learning

First you all should know about the importance of school life So, school life is that part of your life where you can make yourself everything which you want like if you want to develop some habbits so you can easily done during the school period and you all in touch with the word that are said by our parents that the classes from 9-12th is that part of your life where you can make your carrer in right or wrong direction so this sentence is almost correct and our parents words are right. 

You know if you take the bad habbits like consuming smoke,alcohol and other type of narcotic items then it becomes almost impossible to get rid from them even if you goes in the college you see there are many students like you who takes these types of stuffs So you will definately make him friends and from there your carrer will totally destroyed. So, hope you see the impact of school life in the whole life so make sure you will make good friends in school and always sit with them.Because friends choice are most important if you are a good student then definately you will sit with the good student and if you are a bad student then definately you will sit with the bad student it's a fact from from that day your carrer will going to be destroyed.

The above discission is about the things that you should avoid so that doesn't means you should not enjoy with your friends.You definately should enjoy but enjoy within the limits don't go exceeds from your limits because it sometimes become hazardous for you.

Now we will talk about the steps that you must take in your school life. Guys i am in the college right now and i saw the many student who don't have any type type of skills or extra activity that make him different from other. Guys study is something i understand but study is not everything. In this era everybody is studying but the main thing is that what had you done extra from others that make you unique in the crowd. So, school life plays an important role here so if you have already a skill then you should imrove it but if you didn't have any skills right now so can make your skill in any field which you love or which is your passion like if you love playing cricket then you can enhance your skills in that field also and don't think about other what people said about your passion you have only think about yourself. If you have a passion in acting then you can perfect your acting skills. 

Now we are going to talk about the studies which is the core part part of the school life. So, guys didn't ignore your studies totally in any case because it is the basic of everything and it may helps you one day in your life. So, along with your passion you have to study as well.

Second last thing is that always respect your teachers because teacher have a higher authority than anything even higher than the GOD.So,always respect the teachers and learn something from them.

 Now, last but not least the basics life lessons (may you already know about it) that everybody thought form their teachers.

1. Give value to the time because time and tide wait for none.

2. Helps to other because if you help other god will helps you.

3. You should do your work without thinking about the delights or achivements.

4. Be punctual towards everything in your life.

5. Always become disciplinary towards everybody.

So, these are the basic lessons that we thaught from our teaches i know it is very less but this article is already gone too long so i can write only some important lessons. If you also know some important lessons you can write it on comment box.

I hope you loved this article and definately you will learn something form it.If You want more this types of article you can enable subscription button through your email for which when i post my new article you will automatically get notification & it is free.

So, Keep happy , keep unstoppable.

I will meet you in next article.

Jai Hind

how to live school life perfectly,Best school life learning,School life amazing lessons,

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