Is Sarkari Job A Best Option After Class 12th

     Is Sarkari Job A Best Option After Class 12th 

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welcome guys to unstoppable india in this article we are going to talk about an interesting topic i.e Is Sarkari Job A Best Option After Class 12th. we will do complete analysis on this and also talk about its pro and cons and at last we find the best conclusion.So, read the complete article till end so let's get started.

Is Sarkari Job A Best Option After Class 12th

Guys after class 12th we have a lot of pressure that what shall we do if our aim is not decided. Generally we take advise from our parents and from our relatives and they geniunely suggest us to pursue the government job of any field they fascinate us if you will become a government employee then you will be able to do anything which you want like buying car,house,iphone etc..and we took the decision utterly.

Guys i am not said that govenment job is the worst option but sometimes we don't know about ourselves and then we took that option may be we can do something very big instead of this even we didn't try to explore ourselves an that's a main problem it si due to of many reasons that are as follows:
1. Lack of awareness about the fields.

2. Absence of literal surroundings.

3. Due to guardians and relatives suggestions.

4. Friends circles is not sincere about carrer.

5. Teachers didn't focus on carrer and gave the same suggestions as parents.

6. Due to some instances that are successful in government job.

7. We have determined towards sarkari naukari.

8. Due to poverty.

So, these are the major things that compel us to choose the government job option. So, guys firstly i want to tell you that if you have a aim to become a government employee then you can definately try for it without any doubts like if you want to be an IAS officier,IFS,INDIAN ARMY OFFICIER then you can make it as your final dream without any doubts and there is no problem to become a government employee.So, don't think that if you are a govenment job lover that i am force you that you should leave the dream of becoming goverment employee. I am here telling about those persons whose aim are not clear and they just take it because of society and family pressure.

Now, let me tell you the disadvantage of choosing sarkari naukari without having a aim if you do that then the main possibility is that you got not selected because you didn't have any interest in that so you can't able to study properly then you accusized the government that the jobs are not available and this is what i really want to say. It is a major problem of INDIA.

So, what are the ways by which we can escape from it. So there are lots of ways which are as follows:

1. Ask to yourself in which field you have a interest
then take a risk on that field.

2. Explore yourself in many fields.

3. Do that field also in which you are not interested.

4. Try to talk with those persons who have knowledge in various field from which yo acn take some ideas.

5. Try to develop a skill which have a demand in future like PS,Coding,Video editing,animation,digital marketing etc.

So, these are the ways by which you can learn about the many things a make a carrer in another field and do not think that you will earn less money then government job even you can earn more money from it which you can't think in government job.

Conclusion: It is simple if you are determined towards government job then you shall do it.But if you doesn't have any aim then you have to try some experiment on yourself and take some risks and if you think that if noting will happened with these experiment then we shall we do.So after that you can try for government job but then you did have any worried about that you didn't take any risk in your life. But it is also a probability that if you success in taking the risk then you fell so proud on yourself.

So, I hope you will learn something from this article 
and your all doubts are clear If you have any doubts you can comment me in the comment box.

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Jai Hind

is sarkari job a best option after class 12th,sarkari job destroying our youths carrer,reality of sarkari jobs,

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