Last Days Strategy For Class 12 Board

        Last Days Strategy For Class 12 Board

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Welcome guys to our new article in this article we are going to again talking about class 12 board students as exam date comes very close to us so we should well prepared for them and also we are talking about the strategy that you should follow in this time so that you can score 90% marks in board. So, let's get started.

Last Days Strategy For Class 12 Board

1. First we will talk about those subjects which we ingnore like english,hindi & phy. education etc. So give the time these subjects too like give 1-2 hour everyday at night according to your need because you got the percentage by all the subjects not only form main subjects. So, you should focus on these subjects.

2. In this time i think you all are try to read the new things or topics and that's a good thing but you should also revise your back things that you had already done. Because if you not do this you will not be able to write the answer of the single questions properly in the board exam and you will got confuse in which question should you write the answer. So, instead of read the new things you should also revise your previous things too.So for that you can do like from morning time you can learn the new things and after evening you can revise your previous part that is a better option.

3. Solve the previous questions paper so that you are able to understand in which form board asks questions. Do the sample paper too that are released by cbse may be it will going to be released because from that 1-2 questions are directly comes to your board paper and along with solve the board paper too.

4. The most important thing is that like english is may be your first exam so before 2-3 days you have to fully focussed on english only. Because you give it only 1 hour everyday now it is a time to give it more time. But you can read other subject only that case in which you had already revised english.

5. Before going to exam watch the previous year topper copy so that you can understand in hich ways the topper gets extra marks and the pattern that are followed by toppers.

6. During this period the main thing is that you have to manage time. So you can manage time in this way like in this time whatever you want to do you can do but during the exam you can also manage your time for your upcoming subjects like if in any subjects you have more gap an the subject is not very dificult so you can manage 1-2 for your difficult subject so that you have a extra time to cover your hard subjects in this way you can make some more time for hard subjects.

7. You can also increase your marks by some tips that you can apply in your board exam for that i have already written a article you can read it out by clicking below:

Tap here : How to attempt paper in board exam

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So, Keep happy , keep unstoppable.

I will meet you in next article.

Jai Hind

last days strategy for class 12 board,how to study for class 12 boards,last 15 days strategy for board

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