Reality Of Bollywood Movies : How It Affects Youths

   Reality Of Bollywood Movies : How It Affects Youths

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welcome guys to our article in this article we are going to talking about the reality of bollywood movies also i want first you clear that this video is made for eductaion purpose only not for rating or reviewing the movie we are talking about the consequences of bollywood movies and at last we will also talk about the conclusion.So, let's get started without any furthur delay:

firstly we are going to talk about the aspect of bollywood movies in which ways the bollywood movies made and we also compare with hollywood movies and then we will talk about the affects:

(i) youths : The main purpose of our indian cinema is to focus on youths.As we know about that our country has more tendancy of youths so here is the better opportunity for the director or producers to make a content for youths for generating more revenue.

(ii) Entry : Guys you generally saw in bollywood movies that the entry of the actor or hero are over dramatic and a dedicated song also present in the background with some slow motion effect but in case of hollywood the entry scene are not soo much dramatic and instead of song they have a theme song.

(iii) More songs : In bollywood movies you find generally 4-5 songs and one of them are item songs but in hollywood you doesn't find any song there. they generally placed songs because of following reasons:
(a) To grabing the audience retention.
(b) As youths have more tendency they generally like the item songs to whistle in the cinemas.
(c) Because they have a short story to extend the story they place more songs.

But some of the bollywood movies are so amazing even without any item song.

(iv) Stories : In bollywood stories are generally weak they just extend the stories as much as they can.But if you see in hollywood the movie named "Harry Porter" has total 7 parts in which all 6 parts are of approx 2:30 hrs but the last part are of 2:10 hrs even they have a privilage of extend the last part but they have not done this. But some movies of bollywood movies has definately best stories such as 3 idiots,uri:the surgical strike,lagaan,bhaubali,ms dhoni : the untold story,manikarnika etc.

(v) Remakes & Biopics : Recently in bollywood the more reamkes and biopics movies are released and you had noticed the remakes are going to be more successful on th box office as the original one. Ex- aashiqui-aashiqui 2, surya-ghajini,arjun reddy - kabir singh etc.They did it because they didn't need to create new story as they copy from the original one.

(vi) Revenue Generating : some movies in bollywood made for only revenue generating even they doesn't do any type of promotions for that movie. The main purpose of making such type of movies is that to make profits and if the movie got flop then they didn't loss so much money. This types of movies include bipopics and some documentries.

Now, we are going to talk about the affect of bollywood movies on youths one by one :

1. Effect on dressing : Guys once a movie got hit then the dressing sence of the actor and actress are trend overnight on the public.Even the manufacturars and designers are prouced same types of designs so that a large number of peices has been sold

Even some of those are the sponsered designs. Ok let's understand with the example like if i am the cloth manufacturar and i want to promote my new brand cloths then what can i do? i will make a deal with actor or director to show my brand in some part of the movies may be a marriage scene,song and engagement scene so that my brand got more popularity and if the movie got hit then our brand also got more popular.

And guys it is really very effective if we see our favourite actor or actress wearing a dress then we want to imitate them. You can see a lot of example in the marriage a lot of men and the women wear the dress which is same like a actor or actress.

2. Loss of originality : Guys this is one of the main effect on the youths after watching the movies that if you see movies and if you got influenced by the particular character then you want to become like that despite of yourself. You will loose your originality and you just trying to change your attitude,bheaviour and body language etc. After watching you didn't like you what you are or you often loose personality

But guys i want to say you that never imitate anybody exactly same you are the unique piece make your own identity guys but if you want to add some good qualities then you can do this but never copy anybody exact similar.

3. How it affect mindset : Some movie often loose your decison making and they generally propelled you in a particluar direction such movies are known as propaganda movies. These movies are mainly made for brain washing your mind.It will defiantely affect your mind like if you want to watch the biopic of a person and if you didn't like the person then despite of this you may like the person after watching th movie.Some of the examples are occured in 2019 election in which the movie which is based on the life of PM Narendra Modi is also assumed a propaganda movie. Even the election commision postponed their releasing date after the election. 

Also the "accidental prime minister" is also assumed to be a propaganda movies which is against of congress party.

Guys, i didn't give any sureity about this you can comment me is this real or not ?

4. How it influence us : Guys this is one of the biggest affect on youths is that after watching the movies you can't create the difference between reality or reelity. In general you think whole life is like a movie and everything is happend is same as like in the movie. for example if you see a movie of a successful person and in the movie he had take a step by which he becomes succesful and you think if take the same step then you will also become successful but may be it is not possibly true.Due to this often causes anxiety,depression and stress etc.

So, always believe in reality but you can take lessons from the movies and then implement it in your life 'learning & then implementing' if you just see movies for learning but you were not doing any work then you can't become successful.

5. Does watching a movie is really worth it : To be honest guys movie is not totally worth it. Movie is just for entertainment purpose and for learning purpose. But if you doesn't take any step in your life you can't become successful or you can be flourish.

6. Should we watch bollywood movies : Guys before answering this question i ant to tell you that anything in this world is not totally right or not totally wrong it's totally depend upon you in which way you should use it. Same thing is happened with the movies if you see the movies in a free time for learning purpose or for entertaining purpose then it seems to be good but if you watch movies regularly just for passing time then it seems to be pathetic So, it's depend upon you.

7. Conclusion : Finally guys we talk about the best conclusion that are a follows :

(i) Firstly find that what is your intention for watching that particular movie.

(ii) It is necessary to watch the movie on that time because if you have any work which is more important than watching the movie then you should go to that work after that you can watch it.

(iii) before watching the movie just check the rating and review of the movies.Because if you seen movie which is of 3 hrs  but after 3 hrs you didn't feel any kind of enthusiasm then you will loose two things one is money if you were watching in cinema and one is time.

(iv) After watching the movie judge it on your own basis and rate it according o your prosopectus. It will increase you decision making.

(v) Last but not least don't influence by any movie after leaving the theatre and after watching the movie just rate them and forget them. But if find any quality in it then definately try to implement it in your life.

So, guys this is the measure you should take according to my propectus. May be you have different prospect so you can take that according to yourself.

I hope you guys really like this article and if you feel any kind of hurt then sorry. But if you like it then try to share it with your friend so that they can also aware about that.

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So, Keep happy , keep unstoppable.

I will meet you in next article.

Jai Hind

reality of bollywood movies,how bollywood movies affect youths,how indian movies affect the mindet of youths,shocking reality of movies

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